Take the guess work out of testing your soil compaction. Rather than use a pocket knife, screwdriver or other crude instruments, use a Lang Penetrometer. The Lang Penetrometer will show exact compaction from one area to another with complete accuracy and reproducibility.

This penetrometer is designed to give you calibrated compaction scale. Use the Lang Penetrometer frequently on putting greens, tees, fairways and other athletic areas to determine when to aerify or irrigate to soften the soil.

Example: If your scale reading varies greatly from one area to another within a designated space, then this would indicate the need for aerification and water, or your might choose to renovate by changing the soil construction by adding amendments such as a top dressing mix of sand and peat moss, then aerating vigorously to blend, Use the Lang Penetrometer in extreme wet weather to keep traffic off the turf to avoid unnecessary damage. The Lang Penetrometer is designed with a color code and calibrated scale. Blue is too wet, or too soft, yellow is marginal, green is acceptable, and red is hard or dry. The scale reads from one to twenty. Golf greens will hold a golf shot best at nine to fourteen. Every athletic area supervisor must determine his standards and use the penetrometer whenever necessary to duplicate this degree.

Over the years, we have modified the Lang Penetrometer to better suit the needs of our customers. Recent comments and request by our customers have prompted the following changes to the latest version of our “Green Penetrometer”.

 Penetrometers shipped with this document have the following new characteristics:

1. We have made the Lang Penetrometer more robust by increasing the size of all screws to 5/40.

2. We have modified the scale to increase accuracy by providing half tick marks.

3. We have increased the corrosion resistance by modifying material specifications.

4. We have increased the accuracy by instituting a new quality control procedure for the spring component.  (Given a 13.94 pound weight, the penetrometers are guaranteed to read 9 to 11 (5%) when properly calibrated, We also test at the 7.95  pound and the 18.94 pound points to cover the range from 4 to 14. The penetrometer values are linear throughout the range 2-20. Below 2 , pre-tension adjustment due to calibration may affect linearity.

5. A Technical Data Sheet is available on this web site or sent with the new version to provide resistance to penetration data. The values on the Technical Data sheet may vary slightly from the older documentation shipped with the previous versions of the “Green Penetrometer.” This is due to the revised quality control method, calibration and operation procedures.

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children.  The needle of the Lang Penetrometer can cause stabbing injury or death.  Use proper precautions for sharp objects. Please store the penetrometer in provided shipping case. This protects the penetrometer and prevents accidental injury.  This product should not be used for any purpose other than described above.  Properly calibrate before each use.

The Lang Penetrometer™
is easy to use.  Two Steps.
Step One.
This is the correct way to insert the Lang Penetrometer
into the ground.

Step Two.
This is the correct way to read the Lang Penetrometer.
The needle should be pointed up.